Forms, clarity, and shine…
The beautiful features that only glass has

Craftsmen skilled in handling glass aspire to give form to that moment when glass is at its most beautiful.
The jewelry series has been created with this thought in mind.
The beauty of glass is represented with various motifs, such as droplets, flowers, buds, and a heart shape.
You will also enjoy the changes in appearance and colors caused by light.

Accessories and rings

  • félicité
    In addition to the tan, clear, indigo and wine red colors, violet, blue, and opal are also available.

  • minette
    Lovely flowers were created out of softly melted glass. Enjoy the pleasant, elegant features.

  • jinette
    Colored glass was scraped off randomly, and then polished carefully with exquisite techniques. Each emits unique light from deep within.


  • ninette
    The mysterious links of glass beads add unique expressions when coordinated with your fashion.

  • claire
    The moment when glass fused and shaped itself into a droplet was captured and made into an accessory. Enjoy the beauty of curved lines created by the force of nature.

  • éve
    Glass pieces of simple but delicate lines have been arranged. They give a sophisticated and smart impression.